Yoga Girls

I absolutely loved the Yoga Girls set. I’ve been meaning to post since that set was published, but but hadn’t got around to it.
I really love athletic looking girls in sporty/exercise settings, especially when they are pretty much ignoring the camera, as here.
I love croptops and sports bras, and fairly plain bikini briefs. (I don’t care for thongs, g-strings and boyleg.)
There was a nice mix of different girls, different shapes and hair colour.
Would have liked to see more of the instructor in the set. (Though I’m pretty sure I saw her in her own set somewhere.)
I liked the fact that they started of clothed and exercised for a while, then went topless and exercised for a while, etc.


Dildo Play

Laying back on the couch, we catch a glimpse of Dalila’s sheer panties up her short summer dress. Taking her scarf off, Dalila smiles sensually as she exposes her pert breasts in her notorious cleavage.
Continuing to undress, Dalila lays on her belly, grabbing her bum cheeks from behind she pulls them open, exposing her tight anus and rubbing her fingers through her moist pussy. Grabbing her hairbrush she turns on her back and continues to masturbate, pushing it firmly inside her, closing her eyes and moaning in pleasure before finishing off with her favorite dildo inside.


Spanish Lesbian Sex

Alba stretches, lowering her torso and pushing her perfect round bum out as part of her daily workout routine. Carmen walks in and helps her doing situps, holding her feet down at first but soon she presses her partner’s feet against her pubic area.
Passionately kissing each other, they mutually undress revealing Carmenв’s big round breasts, and Alba’s girly lace panties. Spreading her legs wide apart, Alba guides Carmen towards her vulva. Obediently, Carmen kisses Alba’s thighs, before providing a committed oral. As they move around the floor, Alba and Carmen engage in passionate tribbing before fingering each other until orgasm.



Tilly gets undressed which makes her a bit cold, but she warms up quickly when she puts her dildo upright and screws the coffee table.
My god Tilly has such a great body, awesome eyes, lovely tummy… and the insertions?! I love the pic where she’s holding the toy with her feet…


Perky Nipples Outdoors

Pale skinned Alexandra enjoys a sunny outdoor day. Through her short summer dress, we are able to see her round boobs and pert nipples. As she swings her legs up on a branch tree, she shows us her panties and her bum.
Through the edge of her panties we see some of her pubic hair, just a small taste of what it to come. Totally nude, Alexandra poses in numerous positions displaying her flexible body as she spreads her bum cheeks providing a good look at her anus and vulva.



Pulling apart her small, pert bum Elisa exposes the pink wetness of her open vulva and the wisps of red pubic hair that frame it.
Looking back over her shoulder, she flicks her beautiful auburn hair to the side and bends over invitingly in the chair. Undressing her slender, petite body, Elisa grips the yellow lace of her bra, teasing at revealing her full natural breasts. Lying back with her knees up, she wets her fingers and slowly pushes them inside herself.